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The 28 Hong Kong street cocktail bar in Singapore.

The Speakeasy Book 2, “Extra Dirty”
co-written with Brigham Vaughn

Jesse Murtagh loves his life as a wealthy, bisexual businessman dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. With a circle of friends he trusts implicitly, he enjoys a successful career in his family’s business and as co-owner of Under, an uptown speakeasy with his friend with benefits, Kyle McKee.

Music teacher and part-time DJ Cameron Lewis lives modestly in a DUMBO loft, and isn’t interested in serious relationships. However, he’s always up for some casual fun.

Doing a favor for his friend, Carter Hamilton, Jesse meets Cam, and is immediately charmed. When Jesse discovers Cam’s other life as a DJ, he is further intrigued.

Cam is hesitant to become involved with Jesse but despite his efforts to remain aloof, he’s drawn to Jesse.

Viewing Cam as a challenge, Jesse pulls out all the stops, but his usual methods to avoid serious relationships fail. Though Cam has no intention of becoming attached, he begins to fall for Jesse, unaware Jesse’s feelings are changing.

Both are eager to explore a threesome with Kyle, but after, Cam doubts his place in Jesse’s life. Afraid of heartbreak, Cam pulls away, leaving Jesse bewildered and hurt. They remain friends until a series of misunderstandings widens the rift to a breaking point.

When Cam steps in to help Jesse through a family crisis, they realize they care for each other more than they’ve been willing to admit. While Jesse and Cam don’t want a traditional relationship, they build a future that makes them both happy.

“Extra Dirty” was originally titled “On the Rocks”, but was too similar to an existing title in the TEG catalog. After throwing around some ideas, we settled on “Extra Dirty”, the perfect title for a book about Jesse Murtagh. We’re quite excited about the change!

“Extra Dirty” will be available for pre-order on February 12, 2019, and general release on March 26, 2019.

“With A Twist,” Speakeasy Book 1, was released on September 25, 2018.

At this time, two additional books are planned in the series. “Behind the Stick” will feature Kyle McKee and Luka Clark, and “Straight Up” will follow Malcolm Elliott and Stuart Morgan. We look forward to sharing more about these books with you soon.

A rainy night in Boston Common beside the Paramount theater.

Boston Seasons Book 1, “Third Time’s the Charm”


Luke Ryan’s life is too chaotic for romance. When he’s not running a software development firm, his time is devoted to Ella, his nine-year-old niece. With Ella’s father overseas, Luke acts as her guardian, a responsibility that makes his dating life impossible. Luke has mostly come to terms with being single, despite his friends’ assertions that the right man for him is out there.

Finn Thomason is a trauma surgeon who has recently relocated to Boston. He has wonderful friends and loves his job, but his intense focus on med school and post-graduate work have left him feeling disconnected from his personal life. As Finn gets to know his new city, he makes the decision to find a better work-life balance in hopes he’ll also find a relationship that sticks.

On his way to a restaurant one summer evening, Luke is caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella. He seeks shelter under a sidewalk awning, and is pleasantly surprised when a handsome stranger named Finn strikes up a conversation. Finn offers to walk Luke to the restaurant under the cover of his oversized umbrella, and during the course of the journey, the two agree to meet for coffee.

Their first date turns into a second, then a third, and the two men quickly grow close. But as the summer comes to an end, Luke and Finn’s fragile relationship falters under the weight of Luke’s responsibilities to Ella. While Luke struggles to keep his connection with Finn strong, Finn finds himself falling for a man who can’t devote his full attention to the relationship. As both men scramble to find the right balance between responsibility and personal happiness, each is unaware there is more than enough room in their hearts for both.

Third Time’s the Charm will be available in Spring, 2019.