“Hooked On You”

Hooked On You FinalHooked On You was my contribution to a fabulous holiday giveaway in January of 2021.  Though the original story was 52K words, I only stopped writing because I had to make the submission deadline. Connor and Judah were just so chatty it was hard to let them go!

After the giveaway, I made  time to revisit the book and rounded it out with over 20K new words to make it the story I always meant it to be. I even added a bonus scene for anyone who’s already read Hooked On You to add a little spice 😉

Hooked On You is a 72.8K friends-to-lovers MM novel. Come meet Connor, a stressed out paramedic who’s figuring out he’s not quite straight, and Judah, a yarn shop owner with a bad habit of falling for unavailable guys. There’s also lots of knitting and snowstorms, and a sweet, happy-sigh HEA that just feels so good.


What’s a straight guy to do when he falls for his new friend?

Paramedic Connor Devlin is a stressed-out tower of a man. Hoping knitting will help him unwind, he visits a local craft shop, where he’s overwhelmed by the yarn selection but more so by his feelings for shop owner Judah.

Judah Bissel is tired of falling for unavailable men. He can’t help his crush on Connor, though, or wanting to get closer to the big, gentle bear. And that just might spell trouble because pining for straight guys is not Judah’s style.

As a blizzard pummels the city, the men hunker down together to wait out the storm. When the spark between them ignites, will the revelation that Connor feels more than friendship for Judah bring them together or tear them apart?


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