Pretty Winter Weather

It’s been snowing on and off here for the past few days and while I’m a summer weather person, it makes for a very pretty, peaceful vibe that I am enjoying wholeheartedly.

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Language changes all the time. Vocabulary shifts with each generation, even within the same culture or social group, and languages evolve as new words develop in line with technology or are borrowed from other languages, while other words fall out of use and are eventually lost.⁣⁣Last week, my kid’s high school held parent-teacher-conference night, and…

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Transformation Tuesday

A while back, my sister sent me this fantastic mug which, along with a bag of coffee beans, was meant to fuel my scribbling as I finished my romantic suspense novel, ‘Overexposed.’ The coffee beans are long gone of course, but I use the mug often and it never fails to energize me while I’m…

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