“Hooked On You” has been expanded

Hooked On You was my contribution to a fabulous holiday giveaway in January of 2021.  Though the original story was 52K words, I only stopped writing because I had to make the submission deadline. Connor and Judah were just so chatty it was hard to let them go! After the giveaway, I made  time toContinue reading ““Hooked On You” has been expanded”

Review: A Brighter Palette by Brigham Vaughn

Review: A Brighter Palette by Brigham Vaughn  Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071FW7XZW/Blog post by Brigham Vaughn: https://brighamvaughn.wordpress.com/2017/07/01/a-brighter-palette-is-live/ Anyone who knows me even a little understands I have time management issues. I have a day job, a pre-teen child, and I write in my spare time (e.g., at night, in lieu of sleeping). Sadly, this leaves me with little time toContinue reading “Review: A Brighter Palette by Brigham Vaughn”