Hooked On You

What’s a straight guy to do when he falls for his new friend?

Healing Hearts

Some hearts are made to be mended.

With A Twist

Love, served with a twist.

Behind the Stick

Love, served behind the stick.


A love worth fighting for.

Third Time’s the Charm

Sometimes you have start over to get love right.

Hearts to Spare

A Tidal series flash fiction


A paranormal freebie

Working Stiffs

Sometimes work sucks in a good way.

Thief of Hearts

Some hearts are made to be stolen.

Open Hearts

Some hearts are made to be opened.

Extra Dirty

Love, served extra dirty.

Straight Up

Love, served straight up.


A love worth the wait.

A Hometown Holiday

Josh has stepped back into the closet for a guy, but how long can he stay there?

Southampton Sea Breeze

A Tidal series free story

Inked in Blood

A paranormal freebie